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The Complete Athlete: Everyday Program

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  • The Complete Athlete: Everyday Program


    A 12-week concurrent (strength and cardio) training program for building functional strength, muscle, and power, as well as your aerobic engine. 


    For many years, people believed that strength and hypertrophy should not be paired with cardiovascular activity.  It was believed that any moderate cardiovascular activity would impede the ability for your body to build muscle and strength because your body would be confused about the signals you were sending it through these two different modalities of fitness.  This was known as the “interference effect.”


    However, in recent years, it has been shown that much of this data is outdated and based on faulty thinking and execution in the programming.  Even so, some of these myths still get passed down and taken as gospel.  


    This program seeks to change that. 


    The truth is, when properly programmed, strength and hypertrophy can exist alongside endurance training.

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