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The Endurance Athlete: Strength Program

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  • The Endurance Athlete: Strength Program


    A 12-week training program for endurance athletes to build functional strength, muscle, and power. (To be used alongside your endurance training plan). 


    Over the course of this program, you will increase strength, muscle, power, and range of motion.  To be a well-rounded endurance athlete, and have longevity in your sport and in life, you must strength train!


    For many years, people believed that endurance athletes should not lift weights because they would become big and slow. 


    Fortunately, recent research has shown otherwise. In fact, many top athletes now understand that strength training should be a foundational part of your endurance exercise programming. 


    Strength training is essential for endurance athletes to maintain optimal hormonal health, structural integrity of bones, cartilage and tissues, and injury prevention.  Not to mention the obvious sports performance benefits, as well as looking better naked!

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